RLIS – Rede Local de Intervenção Social (Local Social Intervention Network) was na initiative integrated in the Cáritas Coimbra services, of Social Intervention that aimed to respond to social problems, in a logic of collaboration with existing services and responses in the community, for people and with people. This Network was based on the Social […]

  • (Des)Igual


    (Des)Igual The (Des)Igual project is a project co-financed by the Portugal2020 PO ISE-36-2015-21 Program (2016-2019), which has as its main objective the promotion of Gender Equality and Prevention of Domestic Violence. Through a transversal and circular approach and based on an integrating perspective of gender equality, (Des)Igual intends to promote the breaking of cycles of […]

  • Caregivers’ Role on ICT for AFE


    This page presents the main results of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP-AHA) collaborative work between Action Group D4 and C2 – “Caregivers’ role in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) development and exploitation for Age-Friendly Environments (AFE)”.   THE OUTCOME The document reflects the result of a collaboration between the members of the […]

  • Privacy Preference Terms in Active and Healthy Ageing (AHA)


    This page presents the main results of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP-AHA) privacy preferences collaborative work between Action Group C2 and D4 in the spring of 2018 on Privacy Preference Terms in Active and Healthy Ageing (AHA).   User preferences on privacy settings are meant to be complementary to data protection laws, […]

  • MDevNet

    Cáritas Coimbra was part of the MDevNet network. Despite being a new member, it is proud to be part of this network currently awarded the Best Practices Awards Infarmed 25+ by Infarmed, which honours projects and institutions that promote best practices in the pharmaceutical and health products sector. The project MDevNet: National Network of Knowledge […]

  • GrowMeUp


    GrowMeUp An innovative service robot for ambient assisted living environmentsIt is feasible with today´s technology to build a robot that can interact with older people in a more human way? It is possible that this robot learns to cope with the changing needs and habits of individuals and therefore dynamically adapts its functionality, managing to […]

  • IdoVis


    The IdoVis project was launched in March / 2016 with the aim of creating groups of independent elderly people who were visiting other dependents (ULDM, ERPI and SAD), after adequate training for this purpose. The main objectives of IdoVis are: To improve the emotional and affective state of elderly people in a situation of dependency; […]

  • CriArte


    CriArte is a social entrepreneurship project (2016-2019) that seeks to leverage the autonomy and employability skills of people living in social neighbourhoods, with a particular focus on Roma women, creating a professional and different range of craft products that may be sold, activating social co-responsibility with other civil society organisations and raising awareness to solidary […]



    MIND & GAIT MIND & GAIT is a project funded under PT2020 (FCT – European Regional Development Funds 2017 – 2019), involving six PT partners and intends to develop a combined intervention to older adults, composed of a program of cognitive stimulation (by computer and through assisted animal therapy) and a program of physical activity. […]

  • Best Practice Handbook – Preventing Falls in Older People

    Best Practice Handbook – Preventing Falls in Older People was designed to help people understand some of the causes of falls, keeping people safe and independent in their own home and offering any likely solutions, through specific recommendations for preventing falls in the older people. The Handbook is divided into four parts: Identification of risk […]

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