• KlikKit

    KLIKKIT The Klikkit solution is designed to improve adherence to treatment plans for senior citizens, rendering them more independent in following treatment plans and, as a consequence, alleviating the workload of care professionals to monitor, counsel and deliver care to senior patients. The solution consists of a multilevel reminding system, the Klikkit tablet and Klikkit […]



    EU_SHAFE – EUROPE ENABLING SMART HEALTHY AGE-FRIENDLY ENVIRONMENTS  Oficially started on August 2019, the EU_SHAFE project aims at improving policies and practices in 7 European regions by developing a comprehensive approach to Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments (SHAFE). Through a ‘learning by sharing’ methodology, the project Consortium, composed by a well balanced group of multi-disciplinary actors […]

  • PlatformUptake.eu


    PLATFORMUPTAKE.EU The PlatformUptake.eu project is an action to coordinate and support the European Commission for digital platforms supporting Active and Healthy Ageing. Ageing presents one of the greatest socio-economic challenges of the 21st century. According to estimates more than 20% of Europeans will be 65 or older by 2025. Reacting to demographic shifts and ageing in general, and guaranteeing […]

  • + Atlântico

    +Atlântico + Atlântico project provides for a multi-sectoral, decentralized intervention and the implementation of action strategies that value participation and co-responsibility, as well as favour the development of local initiatives (individual or collective) and their self-sustainability and enable mobilization and individual training, community and institutional for a social change in the targeted territories. The objective […]

  • CaUsa


    CaUsa Cooperation agreement signed within the scope of the social innovation project called “ABRIGO E HORTA”. This project aims to support farmers who develop subsistence agriculture and who were affected by the fires that occurred in the year 2017. Specifically, these farmers were hit and injured with significant, or even total, losses of their own […]

  • TriploD


    TRIPLO D The Triplo D project aims to increase democratic involvement and political participation by citizens, working on the links between democracy, demography, and human rights. It develops education/training sessions and school and community discussion groups, seeking to educate and strengthen an active and participatory citizenship of Caritas Coimbra’s employees, children and adolescents (from pre-school […]

  • Cons©elhos Repórteres 55+


    CONS©ELHOS REPÓRTERES 55+ Cons©elhos Repórteres 55+ promotes the active participation of older and isolated people in local community transformation, in order to create better conditions for active ageing. Methodology Peer Mentoring Cascade Process of active involvement of older people from rural communities, supported by 3 complementary groups: Technical Group (WG); Orientation and Development Group (GOD); […]

  • 100 Idade


    100 IDADE The Pampilhosa da Serra municipality has witnessed the desertification of its territory, with a marked geographical dispersion and half of its inhabitants being 60 years old or more. The “100 Idade” project aims to bring life to isolated older people, promoting mobility, but also social and cultural activities to combat isolation. The ultimate […]

  • Nutrir À Grande


    NUTRIR À GRANDE The “Nutrir À Grande” project is a food education project aimed at children and adolescents between 6 and 14 years old with economic and / or social needs, which aims at the transmission of knowledge and the acquisition of skills related to the practice of a healthy eating, using a collection of […]

  • Toilet4me


    Toilet4me Toilet4me project aims to create a smart bathroom, suitable for the older public. It is addressed to older people but also to all others who have disabilities and certain needs when using toilets outside the home, in public or semi-public environments. It seeks to create a system that is able to adapt itself to […]

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