• IdoVis


    The IdoVis project was launched in March / 2016 with the aim of creating groups of independent elderly people who were visiting other dependents (ULDM, ERPI and SAD), after adequate training for this purpose. The main objectives of IdoVis are: – To improve the emotional and affective state of elderly people in a situation of […]

  • CaMeLi


    CaMeLi was a project developed by a consortium led by SIEMENS in Germany and Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN) in Portugal, funded under the AAL Joint Program (http://www.cameli.eu/). The innovative idea of the project was to provide a system that works through an avatar, aiming to simulate the way the older person was used to or […]

  • Ser Leirosa, Ser Mais


    Ser Leirosa, Ser Mais (2017-2018) is a project developed under the National Programme“Escolhas 6ª Geração” and promotes social changes for youngsters through non-formal education regarding their priorities and life goals. It started in 2017 in Leirosa, a fisherman community that lack job opportunities for young people, remarkably with low educational level and school absenteeism. This […]

  • Primer Cog – Brain training


    PrimerCog is a platform of cognitive stimulation and training developed by MediaPrimer that can be used in computers or tablets and allows the customization of therapeutic intervention programs for rehabilitation or cognitive maintenance specific to several types of cognitive disorders. Caritas Coimbra participated in a pilot to validate the technology with several older persons during […]

  • Lucas 10,35


    Lucas 10,35 is a volunteering program aimed at s older persons. Considering the demographic challenges in Portugal – social isolation and health and economic frailty – this initiative aims to engage local volunteering groups to “stay, do and live” with older persons from their region that are alone at their homes or institutionalised. With the […]

  • Sementes do Saber


    Sementes do Saber (Seeds of knowledge) is a project developed by Caritas Coimbra since 2011, at São José Community Centre. It helps schoolchildren and teenagers (between 6 and 17 years old) without financial conditions to support educational costs such as books and related materials. At the beginning of the academic year Caritas calls for sponsors […]

  • Tice.Healthy


    Tice.Healthy (http://tice.healthy.ipn.pt/) was a four-year mobilising (large scale) national project, which aimed at developing an innovative ecosystem of ICT-based applications in the area of Health and Quality of Life. The main result of the project was an ICT platform called eVida, that provided to carers an effective link between the formal and informal care systems […]

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