• Cons©elhos Repórteres 55+


    CONS©ELHOS REPÓRTERES 55+ Cons©elhos Repórteres 55+ promotes the active participation of older and isolated people in local community transformation, in order to create better conditions for active ageing. Methodology Peer Mentoring Cascade Process of active involvement of older people from rural communities, supported by 3 complementary groups: Technical Group (WG); Orientation and Development Group (GOD); […]

  • Rede Portuguesa Ambientes Saudáveis, Inteligentes e Amigáveis

    In June 2018, we invited a range of Portuguese organizations to create a broad network of partners around the themes of Inclusive Environments for All Ages and Ageing in Place. This invitation was brought on the context of several initiatives already under way in which Caritas Coimbra and Coimbra’s Nursing School participate at the European […]



    IGCAL – IMPROVING GUIDANCE AND COUNSELLING IN ADULT LEARNING IGCAL is a two-year long project of Erasmus+KA204 – Strategic Partnerships for adult education. It is a cooperation between four adult education institutions: AFEdemy, Academy on age-friendly environments in Europe B.V. from The Netherlands, Caritas Coimbra from Portugal, Ljudska univerza Celje from Slovenia and Työväen Akatemia […]

  • AVIK


    AVIK – EXCHANGE OF INTERCULTURAL SKILLS FOR SOCIAL INCLUSION The Avik Project is co-funded by the ERASMUS+ Programme of the European Union. Avik aims the exchange of intercultural skills for social inclusion. The objective of this project is to transfer, adapt regionally and evaluate 3 good practice models from 3 European project partners, for all European partners […]

  • 100 Idade

    100 IDADE The Pampilhosa da Serra municipality has witnessed the desertification of its territory, with a marked geographical dispersion and half of its inhabitants being 60 years old or more. The “100 Idade” project aims to bring life to isolated older people, promoting mobility, but also social and cultural activities to combat isolation. The ultimate […]

  • Nutrir À Grande


    NUTRIR À GRANDE The “Nutrir À Grande” project is a food education project aimed at children and adolescents between 6 and 14 years old with economic and / or social needs, which aims at the transmission of knowledge and the acquisition of skills related to the practice of a healthy eating, using a collection of […]

  • Toilet4me


    Toilet4me Toilet4me project aims to create a smart bathroom, suitable for the older public. It is addressed to older people but also to all others who have disabilities and certain needs when using toilets outside the home, in public or semi-public environments. It seeks to create a system that is able to adapt itself to […]

  • ReHab


    ReHab The ReHab project is a Caritas Coimbra project, financed by Banco BPI, under the BPI Seniores 2018 program. It aims to work on cognitive stimulation and functional rehabilitation, individually and in groups, in an assisted environment or autonomously at home, placing at the available to older adults, who are beneficiaries from different services of […]

  • Sem Diferenças E7G


    SEM DIFERENÇAS E7G Sem Diferenças E7G is a project developed under the National Programme “Escolhas 7ª Geração” that aims to promote educational and social change in the medium term. By consolidating the work carried out by the schools, the activities promoting the acquisition of competences and personal, social and relational skills are intended to motivate […]

  • Jumpair


    Jumpair (H2020 project – SME Instrument) Randomized controlled trial of Class IIa Medical Device. The Jumpair project aims to develop a prototype of an innovative device that combines an anti-decubitus massage system located underneath the wearer’s body with a cross-opening through an airflow. The prototype’s differentiating structure has sensors that measure body pressure, humidity, and […]

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