Smartwork (Smart Age-friendly Living and Working Environment) financed by the European Union, under Horizon 2020, aims at developing and validating innovative digital solutions so older workers can remain actively involved in their working life by helping them to renew their work skills and adopt healthier lifestyles, taking into account any age-related health conditions.

The project is coordinated by Greece’s Company – Byte, with the remaining partners being Cáritas Coimbra and Pedro Nunes Institute (Portugal), UPAT (Greece), Raisin the Floor International Association (Switzerland), Roessingh Research and Development (The Netherlands), Sparks (United Kingdom), Coin (Sweden), Arhus Kommune (Denmark) and ECHAlliance (Ireland).



Cáritas Coimbra disseminated SmartWork in Poland

SmartWork guarantees the presence of Cáritas Coimbra in PETRA

Smartwork will be disseminated at the international congress “Intervention in health and well-being”

Cáritas Coimbra disseminates SmartWork in Poland

Cáritas Coimbra with strong presence at the eHealthSummit / ISfTeH

Cáritas Coimbra is participating in the Workshop of experts in Interactive Technologies of the European Commission

Cáritas Coimbra shared experiences on Senior Health Innovation

Cáritas Coimbra shares experiences in the field of robotics

Caritas Coimbra shared good practices about Healthy Cities

Cáritas Coimbra re-elected for another 3 years for the Vice-Presidency of the European Covenant on Demographic Change

Cáritas Coimbra attended AgeingFit 2019 International Conference in Lille – France


Cáritas Coimbra discussed standards for active and healthy ageing in Brussels

Cáritas Coimbra is going to discuss standards for active and healthy ageing in Brussels

Cáritas Coimbra will discuss financial models for care at the AgeingFit 2019 International Conference in Lille – France

Cáritas Coimbra embraces challenge of designing and testing work and life friendly environments for 55+ workers

Caritas Coimbra starts new project H2020 – SmartWork with meeting in Athens, Greece


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