• DigiLife


    DigiLife – Digital Life Learning DigiLife – Digital Life Learning aims to develop a toolkit and training sessions to increase the digital competences of older adults, with the active collaboration of young university students. The aim is to promote intergenerationality and, at the same time, to provide new experiences in a real work environment to […]


    AAL4ALL The AAL4ALL project aims to bring innovation and value to its users: older adults and their formal and informal carers. Thus, the AAL4All solution intends that the active older adult remains independent for longer in their own home. This solution integrates a virtual assistant and sensors to help build a smart home. Both formal […]

  • Pharaon


    PHARAON – PILOTS FOR HEALTHY AND ACTIVE AGEING The general objective of Pharaon is to support the active aging of the European population, through the creation of a set of open, interoperable and highly customizable platforms providing advanced digital services, devices and tools, including Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, cloud computing, smart […]



    SUST-AID The SUST-AID project aims to fill current gaps and needs in knowledge, training, and skills through sustainable food aid programmes. Following on from this, the project aims to developing and evaluating a training programme adjusted to real needs of the organizations. These, including NGOs, welfare organizations and faith-based organizations aspire to be empowered with […]

  • Project ValueCare


    VALUECARE – VALUE-BASED METHODOLOGY FOR INTEGRATED CARE SUPPORTED BY ICT Active, autonomous and healthy aging is one of the main challenges arising from Europe’s demographic evolution. The VALUECARE project intends to create an efficient model of integrated social and health care, aimed at improving the quality of life of older people (and their families) affected […]



    IDEAHL The Improving Digital Empowerment for Active Healthy Living (IDEAHL) project aims at developing and testing new models and approaches of (digital) health literacy intervention through the co-creation of a comprehensive and inclusive EU (d)HL Strategy. The primary purpose of the project will be to empower EU citizens in using digital tools to take a […]



    AGAPE Active, autonomous and healthy ageing is one of the challenges arising from the demographic evolution in Europe. The AGAPE project aims to promote Active and Healthy Ageing in the population aged 65+ to promote the improvement of the quality of life of caregivers by reducing the burden of workload and overcoming the lack of […]



    PHILIP – Protection of Health by Increasing the Health Literacy of Pupils The main goal of PHILIP – Protection of Health by Increasing the Health Literacy of Pupils is to contribute, in cooperation with the partner organizations, to increase the health literacy levels of pupils between the age of 11-15 and to empower teachers and […]



    DIANA – DIGITAL INTELLIGENT ASSISTANT FOR NURSING APPLICATIONS There are over 9.9 million new cases of dementia each year worldwide, implying one new case every 3.2 seconds. By 2018, the global cost of dementia rises above €900 billion – 80% of which are related to formal and informal care costs. DIANA (Digital Intelligent Assistant for […]

  • ALLright(s)


    ALLright(s) – Direitos para tod@s ALLright(s) – Direitos para tod@s (ALLright(s) – Rights for all) aims to raise awareness and empower children and adolescents, from pre-school to secondary school and professionals working in education and social intervention with children and adolescents, in the fields of human rights education, diversity, interculturality, and gender equality perspectives. It […]

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