• Smartwork


    Smartwork (Smart Age-friendly Living and Working Environment) financed by the European Union, under Horizon 2020, aims at developing and validating innovative digital solutions so older workers can remain actively involved in their working life by helping them to renew their work skills and adopt healthier lifestyles, taking into account any age-related health conditions. The project […]



    DAPAS (Deploying AAL Packages at Scale) aims at delivering a innovative solution, which is based on the needs of older adults and their relatives. The project will bring together successful outputs of previous AAL projects, like Emma, DALIA, zocaalo, kwido and RelaxedCare, developed from different companies in different countries. These innovative solutions will be combined […]

  • Toilet4Me


    Toilet4Me project aims to create a smart bathroom, suitable for the older public. It is addressed to older people but also to all others who have disabilities and certain needs when using toilets outside the home, in public or semi-public environments. It seeks to create a system that is able to adapt itself to the […]

  • LIFEBOTS Exchange


    Robots are increasingly being used in the healthcare sector as a potential solution to the current and future challenges faced by the healthcare sector. The LIFEBOTS Exchange project aims to create a new reality of care with the inclusion of social robots, through interdisciplinary, cross-sectoral and international cooperation and the exchange of people and knowledge. A […]

  • Jumpair


    Jumpair (H2020 project – SME Instrument) Randomized controlled trial of Class IIa Medical Device. The Jumpair project aims to develop a prototype of an innovative device that combines an anti-decubitus massage system located underneath the wearer’s body with a cross-opening through an airflow. The prototype’s differentiating structure has sensors that measure body pressure, humidity, and […]

  • Nutrir À Grande


    The Nutrir À Grande project, funded by the Fundação Jumbo para a Juventude – 2018 edition, is a food education project, sponsored by the Jumbo Coimbra Store, aimed at children and adolescents between 6 and 14 years old, with economic and social needs and/or social beneficiaries of the social responses of Cáritas Coimbra. The project […]

  • Sem Diferenças E7G


    Sem Diferenças E7G is a project developed under the National Programme “Escolhas 7ª Geração” that aims to promote educational and social change in the medium term. By consolidating the work carried out by the schools, the activities promoting the acquisition of competences and personal, social and relational skills are intended to motivate the continuation of […]

  • AVIK Project


    The Avik Project is co-funded by the ERASMUS+ Programme of the European Union. Avik aims the exchange of intercultural skills for social inclusion. The objective of this project is to transfer, adapt regionally and evaluate 3 good practice models from 3 European project partners, for all European partners and other institutions. Social integration is a […]

  • ReHab


    The ReHab project is a Cáritas Coimbra project, financed by Banco BPI, under the BPI Seniors 2018 program. With the increase in average life expectancy, we must put our eyes on the future and prevent and control the most common cognitive and motor diseases in older citizens. The various actions proposed will be implemented in […]

  • TriploD

    TriploD project aims to increase the democratic involvement and political participation of citizens by working on the connections between democracy, demography and human rights. For that purpose, it will develop education/training sessions and school and community discussion groups, seeking to empower and educate professionals, community workers, children and young people, vulnerable people and seniors, helping […]

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