Oficially started on August 2019, the EU_SHAFE project aims at improving policies and practices in 7 European regions by developing a comprehensive approach to Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments (SHAFE).

Through a ‘learning by sharing’ methodology, the project Consortium, composed by a well balanced group of multi-disciplinary actors leaders in the field of demographic change and age friendly environments, will build a four-helix European community to exchange experiences and practices to improve multilevel policy instruments. The consortium will create a cooperative, inclusive ecosystem between public authorities, European networks and user’s associations, embedding their experience and skills with research & design knowledge from academia and SMEs for the growth of community-based services and “ageing at home” around Europe.

EU_SHAFE will invest in policy formulation and adaptation of regional instruments derived from ETCF (R & I priorities) and ESF (Social Inclusion), through the creation of a large Euro-local network of actors who will work together in ecosystems towards a common model – a White Paper on SHAFE. It will also select and redesign concrete and scalable social innovation interventions for SHAFE, which can be implemented as realistic innovative models for the future.

EU-SHAFE’s objectives are:

Challenge and change the thinking and action of political decision-makers and the main actors in the participating regions in relation to the well-being of citizens of all ages and the creation of inclusive and appropriate environments for active aging, based on a logic of social participation.
Promote visibility and prioritize the inclusion in society of people of all ages, for the creation of inclusive ecosystems in the participating regions, among the various types of intervening organizations (stakeholders), namely, from the public and private forums
Communicate and disseminate the results and the new knowledge generated through the project, in addition to reinforcing international cooperation between all sectors of society.

In Portugal, the project’s associated entities are CCDRC, ARS Centro and the National Association of Portuguese Municipalities.

More information about the project can be found on the EU_SHAFE website or following the official project hashtag #EU_SHAFE.

  • Exchange of experiences
  • Communication and Dissemination
  • Project management


Project Name: EU_SHAFE

Project Acronym: EU_SHAFE

Start date: 01/08/2019

End date: 31/08/2022

Total Budget: 172 250,00€

Project Coordinator: Provincial Council of Bizkaia / Município da Bizkaia


  • Caritas Coimbra (Portugal)
  • Campania Region (Italy)
  • Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia (Slovenia)
  • Center for Assisted Living Technology – Aarhus Municipality (Denmark)
  • Technological University Dublin (Ireland)
  • ECHAlliance (Ireland)
  • University of Deusto (Spain)
  • Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg (Germany)
  • Ministry of Health and Consumer Protection (Germany)
  • Louth County Council (Ireland)



This project received funding from the Interreg Europe program, financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

The Interreg Europe program is designed to support policy learning among relevant political organizations, with a view to improving the performance of regional development policies and programs. It allows regional and local public authorities and other stakeholders of regional relevance across Europe to exchange practices and ideas on how public policies work and thus find solutions to improve their strategies for their own citizens.


Press Release_Inter-regional policy learning event Slovenia_Domain 3

Press Release 2nd Intense Sharing of Good Practices – Louth

The main events of EU_SHAFE during its third semester |Press release

Campania Inter-Regional Policy Learning – Workshop | Press Release

EU-SHAFE – ASSESSMENT REPORT | Europe with Bizkaia

2019 | NEWS

Event dedicated to the EU’s Research and Innovation programmes had Cáritas Coimbra as a speaker

Cáritas Coimbra organizes second part of the 1st EU_SHAFE Project Stakeholders Meeting

Cáritas Coimbra promoted 1st LAG meeting of the EU_SHAFE project

Cáritas Coimbra participation in AAL Forum 2019

Cáritas Coimbra at the EU_SHAFE Project kick-off meeting

EU_SHAFE is the new Cáritas Coimbra project


2020 | NEWS

Cáritas Coimbra will participate as a keynote speaker at the DSAI 2020 conference


2021 | NEWS

The main events of EU_SHAFE during its third semester


Cáritas Coimbra received valuable stakeholders for the EU_SHAFE project

Cáritas Coimbra participated in the 3rd inter-regional practice sharing meeting of the EU_SHAFE project

Cáritas Coimbra hosted the 4th Interregional Policy Learning Meeting of the EU_SHAFE Project



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