Robots are increasingly being used in the healthcare sector as a potential solution to the current and future challenges faced by the healthcare sector. The LIFEBOTS Exchange project aims to create a new reality of care with the inclusion of social robots, through interdisciplinary, cross-sectoral and international cooperation and the exchange of people and knowledge.

A knowledge hub for social robotics will be created with a threefold aim:

  • To enhance the competencies of involved staff members, refining and focusing their skills;
  • To build a tri-sectoral network involving academia, industry and users of technology,
  • To create an enduring network that will outlive the grant funding.

The core of the project includes some of the strongest actors in international research, SMEs and user organisations, focusing on three activity lines: technological, sociological, care-and-welfare.

The project is coordinated by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and the remaining partners are Cáritas Coimbra, Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN), Institute of Systems and Robotics (ISR), IDMIND – Engenharia De Sistemas Lda, and 8 other partners representing research institutions, companies and NGOs from across Europe and South Korea.

The project is supported under the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA RISE) under the Horizon 2020 EU funding program.



Cáritas Coimbra attended the kick-off meeting of the Lifebots Project


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