Cáritas Coimbra visited by International Technical Expedition

On December 3, Cáritas Coimbra received in its facilities the International Technical Expedition – The Reinvention 60+ of Portugal. This was an initiative of the Brazilian Society of Geriatrics and Gerontology (SBGG) in partnership with Dialog.Health. The visiting delegation consisted of 14 health professionals, mostly geriatric doctors, but also psychologists and administrators, all with activity in the public or private service to the older persons from clinical, residential, home care and active ageing promotion.

In order to deepen their knowledge in the area of ​​active ageing, the delegation visited the Rainha Santa Isabel Day Care Centre, the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinic, the Chronic Disability Impairment Home and the Long-Term Care Unit. It also had the opportunity to meet some of the projects in which Cáritas de Coimbra participated or is currently being implemented, such as GrowMeUp, ReHab, IdoVis, DAPAS, Toilet4me, Lifebots and CaMeLi.


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