New European project of active and healthy ageing has Cáritas Coimbra as leader of Ethics and of the Portuguese pilot

Cáritas Coimbra is a partner of the Pharaon project, which aims to create more active and inclusive communities in Europe, favouring a healthier ageing with the support of digital solutions. On January 21st and 22nd, Cáritas Coimbra is in Pisa, Italy, for the meeting that will mark the official launch of the project.

Carina Dantas and Sofia Ortet, from Cáritas Coimbra’s Innovation Department, will guarantee the leadership of the Portuguese pilot, the coordination of the Ethics tasks and the shared leadership of the entire project dissemination, with AGE Platform. The Portuguese pilot will be implemented with the University of Coimbra (Mare), the University of Beira Interior, Glintt and Santa Casa da Misericórdia da Amadora. In total, 42 entities from the European continent compose the project consortium, being a large-scale implementation and validation project.

Carina Dantas is part of the Pharaon Coordination Group, being the Coordinator of the project’s pilots, as well as President of the Ethics Committee.

The overall objective of Pharaon (Pilots for Healthy and Active Ageing) is to provide support for the ageing of the European population. To this end, it proposes to integrate digital services, devices and tools into open platforms that can be readily implemented, maintaining the dignity of older people and increasing their independence, safety and capabilities. The project will use a variety of digital tools, including connected devices, artificial intelligence, robotics, cloud and edge computing, smart wearables, big data and intelligent analytics, which will be integrated to provide personalized and optimized healthcare.

Pharaon’s integrated platforms will be validated in two stages: pre-validation and large-scale pilots (LSPs), in six different pilot sites: Murcia and Andalusia (Spain), Portugal, The Netherlands, Slovenia and Italy. In each pilot, there will be a team of partners tasked with ensuring its correct development. In Portugal, the pilot will focus on smart and friendly cities.

Considering the challenge of integrating a diversity of platforms and technologies in several European Union countries, it is foreseen that Pharaon will be in the position to make a significant contribution to the European Union’s agenda on active and healthy ageing.

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