The ReHab project is a Cáritas Coimbra project, financed by Banco BPI, under the BPI Seniors 2018 program.

With the increase in average life expectancy, we must put our eyes on the future and prevent and control the most common cognitive and motor diseases in older citizens.

The various actions proposed will be implemented in 2019 by Cáritas Coimbra, with the support of the Pedro Nunes Institute and Fraunhofer AICOS. They will work on cognitive stimulation and functional rehabilitation individually and in a group, in an assisted environment and at home, making available for older people a multidimensional kit of innovative technologies and traditional materials. The instruments range from geriatric games to cognitive training games available on a tablet, through interaction with an avatar. Caritas caregivers will also provide remote support at the beginning of each session through internet connection and Skype service. Digital literacy sessions are also planned for the beneficiaries of the project.

ReHab project is supported by the BPI Seniors 2018 programme.


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