The ReHab project is a Caritas Coimbra project, financed by Banco BPI, under the BPI Seniores 2018 program. It aims to work on cognitive stimulation and functional rehabilitation, individually and in groups, in an assisted environment or autonomously at home, placing at the available to older adults, who are beneficiaries from different services of Caritas Coimbra, a multidimensional KIT of didactic and technological instruments that promote digital literacy.

This project promoted the conservation and recovery of physical and cognitive abilities, with positive results in autonomy and quality of life, associated with the practice of diverse and interactive exercises. Being directed mainly to people living alone, it allowed to combat social isolation and promote the maintenance of autonomy. In addition, the implementation of the project integrated in the services already provided and optimized by the use of new technologies, allows its future sustainability, promoting the improvement of social relations with its care networks, reducing the feelings of anxiety and stress of people with who live together.

The main objectives of this project were:

  • Promote the active participation of older citizens in the community;
  • Combat cognitive and motor decline;
  • Extend the autonomy of older adults, regardless of the socioeconomic conditions;
  • Promotion of digital literacy in the older adults’ population.


Caritas Coimbra is the promoter of the project and therefore has to carry out all activities.



Project Name: ReHab

Project Acronym: ReHab

Start date: 01/01/2019

End date: 31/12/2019

Total Budget: 36.760,34 €

Project Coordinator: Caritas Coimbra



ReHab project was financed by Banco BPI, through the BPI Seniores 2018 program.


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