Cáritas Coimbra is participating in the Workshop of experts in Interactive Technologies of the European Commission

Cáritas Coimbra is taking part in the Workshop of experts in Interactive Technologies organized by DG CONNECT – European Commission, in Covent Garden, Brussels, on March 12 and 13.

Cáritas Coimbra, represented by its Innovation Director Carina Dantas, is discussing and proposing priorities and challenges in this area, thus contributing to the work and funding programme on this topic.

This participation is directly related to several projects in which Caritas is participating, namely the Smartwork project (H2020), which aims to develop and validate life-style and work environments that are more friendly to older people. DAPAS (AAL / FCT), which aims to develop innovative and centralized solutions for the elderly and their network of caregivers or Lifebots, a Marie Curie (H2020) exchange programme within the framework of social robots, are also directly related to this issue.

This workshop explores the emerging trends in interactive technologies and identifies opportunities for impact in all sectors, taking into account the barriers that exist for the European interactive technology community as well as the legal and ethical aspects of the industry and how to better deal with them. The adoption and potential use of interactive technologies in all sectors to remain competitive in the digital era will also be considered in the event.

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