Cáritas Coimbra prepares to launch the pilot of the ReHab project

Cáritas Coimbra has already started the training sessions for the older adults that are participating in the ReHab project, funded by the “BPI Seniores 2018” programme.

In order to present to the participants the materials they can find within the multidimensional kit that they will be able to use very soon, in the comfort of their homes and autonomously, several sessions are taking place to demonstrate the activities and available functionalities. Ana Rita Santos, Social Educator of the Centro Rainha Santa Isabel of Cáritas Coimbra, is stimulating individual and group sessions,

exploring the potential of this kit together with its users, clarifying their doubts and stimulating the use of digital tools.

The participants have shown great interest in the project and in the interaction with new technologies stating that this is an excellent opportunity to stimulate memory, reasoning ability and concentration, which allows them to improve their life quality.

The main objective of the ReHab project is cognitive stimulation and functional rehabilitation, individually and in groups, of older people, in an assisted environment and at home, by providing a multidimensional kit of innovative technologies and traditional materials. The instruments used range from geriatric games to cognitive training games that are available on a tablet.

The implementation of this project is an important step in the prevention and intervention of more common cognitive and motor diseases in older adults, as well as an alternative approach to improve care delivery in the houses of older people living alone.

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