DAPAS arrived to Casa S. José

Cáritas Coimbra has installed three new DAPAS – Deploying AAL Packages at Scale systems, this time at their Residential Home for Older persons – Casa S.José, in Coimbra. The project DAPAS is aimed at people over 65 years old, and in the inability of direct contact with users, it was delivered to the equipment collaborators with extraordinary safety and health regulations.

The past Friday, September 4th, the project DAPAS researchers delivered 3 tablets with the DAPAS system, and a short course on how to use it to Casa S.José collaborators, keeping the safety distance and using protection. During this week, Casa S.José collaborators will support their users, that receive the tablet, in their early usage.

DAPAS aims at delivering an innovative solution, which is based on the needs of older adults, and hopes to improve their quality of life through communication tools, serious games, meetings schedule and medication intake.

The user’s family and friends, will be able to easily contact them through text messages or video calls, through the installation of DAPAS application on their smartphones, to fight the social isolation created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

DAPAS is co-financed by the European Programme AAL (Active Assisted Living – ICT for Ageing, 2017) and, in the Portuguese case, by the Foundation for Science and Technology.

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