NET4AGEFRIENDLY highlighted in the newsletter IFA – International Federation on Ageing

COST NET4AGEFRIENDLY – International Interdisciplinary Network on Smart Healthy Age-friendly Environments was highlighted in the summer edition of the Newsletter AFIX from IFA (International Federation on Ageing).The newsletter consist of an informative sheet about innovation for ageing – Age-friendly Innovation Exchange (AFIX).

The publication through this means of communication is of extreme importance to promote the Action COST NET4AGEFRIENDLY, since if focuses on a forum for work exchange of ageing specialists.

This COST action was approved after an application lead by Cáritas Coimbra, in a shared project with AFEdemy (Holand), and a network of researchers from 47 countries, in the aftermath of their work in SHAFE ( .

In the future this action will support five thematic working groups. Citizens, public authorities, entrerprises, ONG and Research Centers will discuss inclusive design, digital solution and its sustainable large scale implementation, creating policies, evaluating the cost-benefice and market opportunities.


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