The Webinar on Privacy Preferences for Active and Healthy Ageing (AHA) took place on 20 September, at 10.30 CET. If you couldn’t be attend it you may still accompany the works through the URL of the recording:  Feel free to make this available to whoever may have an interest on this topic.  You may also distribute this URL publicly.


The EIP-AHA Privacy Preferences for Active and Healthy Ageing are the result of a collaborative work between Action Group C2 and D4 of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP-AHA), coordinated by Gottfried Zimmerman (Stuttgart Media University) and Carina Dantas (Cáritas Coimbra).


From personal health or other sensitive data, to images, photos, audio or video, we often inadvertently share personal information when using social networks, digital applications or even when we only access the Internet. The now published document presents a set of 31 EIP-AHA Privacy Preference Terms, based on 15 use cases, assembled by the working group through various sources. It is expected that the use of these terms will enable older users of technologies to predefine, if necessary with the support of their family members or caregivers, what they intend to share when using digital tools.

When determining the preferred collection of a user’s privacy settings, a system needs to ask the user some relevant “privacy setup questions” or allow the user to choose from a set of predefined privacy settings. Each EIP-AHA privacy preference term addresses a specific privacy setting that occurs in one or several use cases. User preferences in privacy settings should be complementary to data protection laws, such as the European Union´s General Data Protection Directive (Directive 2016/6791).


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