Lifebots consortium meets through videoconference

Cáritas Coimbra will participate in the virtual meeting of the Lifebots project, scheduled for March 27th. Coimbra was expected to host this meeting, but given the situation in Portugal (and in the world) the consortium gave priority to public health and opted to meet via videoconference.

This meeting will essentially focus on the development of a plan to continue the project’s activities impacted by the delays caused by the pandemic, especially the secondments that were already planned for that period of the year. In addition, as it is mainly composed of Universities and research institutions, the consortium will discuss how the project and robots can help to combat COVID-19. Robots are increasingly being used in the healthcare industry as a potential solution for the present and the future.

The LIFEBOTS Exchange project aims to create a new reality of care with the inclusion of social robots, through interdisciplinary, intersectoral and international cooperation and with the exchange of people and knowledge.

The consortium consists of 13 partners representing research institutions, companies and NGOs from all over Europe and South Korea. The Portuguese entities that are part of this project are: Caritas Coimbra, Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN), Systems and Robotics Institute of the University of Coimbra (IRS) and IDMind – Engenharia De Sistemas Lda. The coordination is in charge of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). The LIFEBOTS Exchange is a project approved by the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA RISE), under the European Commission’s H2020 programme.


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