Cáritas Coimbra attended the last plenary meeting of the SmartWork project

Cáritas Coimbra attended the last plenary meeting of the SmartWork project, on February 15, 2021. This work meeting took place online with the participation of Natália Machado and Elisabete Pitarma from the Innovation Department.

This meeting had as main objective the presentation, by each partner, of all developments to date, as well as the action plan for the last months of the project. Cáritas Coimbra, presented the status of the work done, which, among others, has three main responsibilities in this project: (1) Validation and Evaluation of the Technology, which includes the management of the pilot implementation that has been taking place in Portugal and Denmark. (2) System Architecture, Requirements and Use Cases, from which the user needs were identified and the architecture and specifications of the Smartwork infrastructure were defined. (3) Ethics and data protection management involving the participants.

The next task of Cáritas Coimbra, within the scope of the implementation of the pilot, is to conduct the final evaluation of the pilot implementation that took place in Portugal. This evaluation consists of carrying out questionnaires and interviews to the participants, with the final evaluation about the pilot. Finally, it will also carry out a final report on the developments and ethical issues that arose from the project.

This project, which began in 2019, will end in March 2022 and involved workers from Cáritas Coimbra over the age of 55. All SmartWork partners set out to provide the employees of Cáritas Coimbra with several systems to support them in their daily tasks, as well as to help them create new habits for a healthy and active lifestyle. The systems created by the technological partners with the co-creation of Cáritas Coimbra, are divided into two major groups: Computer Component and Mobile Phone Component and FitBit.

The Innovation Department team congratulates and thanks all the employees of Cáritas Coimbra that were available to participate and transmit their opinion on the use of technologies and also helped to improve the tested equipments.

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