Moving age-related topics to the big umbrella themes of Health and Digital Single Market is a vital process to pursue the societal scope of a Europe prepared to provide quality of life and well-being through the whole life cycle. The revitalization of Active and Healthy Ageing initiatives (preparing post2020) will imply high-level crossover discussion between different groups, networks, DGs, EIPs and even international organisations, understanding the symbiotic interdependence of these subjects towards a Healthy and Competitive Europe. This TN intends to create a high-level policy alignment of all these networks and initiatives towards Health in Ageing subjects.

The specific aim of SHAFE will be to enhance the 2 main aspects of Age-Friendly Environments – Places and People – in the creation of eHealth and mHealth solutions – especially focused on quality and costs.

On eHealth a special emphasis will be given to its current state of the art in Europe e-support of smart homes to patients who suffer from chronic diseases and impairments – e-support like robotics, smart living environments and smart communication with formal and informal care. These smart environments need to align technological development with the building industry in terms of policy and funding, in order to make smart homes available, affordable and large-scaled in Europe. This broad adoption may be the keystone to a more efficient health care system that adds better quality for less investment.

With mHealth the focus will be on understanding and bridging the main gaps between technological development and user real needs and expectations, proposing policy measures that favour and enhance a real market entrance of new products, hoping to decrease inequalities in the access to Health services.

Read the full document: ThematicNetwork_SHAFE 2018

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