Cáritas Coimbra hosted the kick-off meeting of the European project PHILIP

On June 22nd, Cáritas Coimbra hosted the kick-off meeting for the European project PHILIP – Protection of Health by Increasing the Health Literacy of Pupils. The project consortium met all day long in Coimbra, Portugal, mainly discussing the action plan and the allocation of tasks.

The meeting was attended by the 6 partner entities of the project, coming from different countries, including Cáritas Coimbra, which was represented by Elisabete Pitarma and Maria Inês Santos, from the Innovation Department.

At first, an introduction was made about the PHILIP project, its main goals and action plan, followed by a discussion about the expectations of each one. All partners presented the current context of their country, at the level of the project’s area of action, in order to design an approach adjusted to reality. In addition, each entity explained its role in the development of the project, which facilitated the distribution of tasks. In the afternoon, and with the action plan outlined, the deadlines for each task were defined.

The PHILIP project aims to increase the health literacy levels of young people aged between 11 and 15 years and to empower educators through health literacy education and awareness-raising activities. The materials resulting from the project, including a book for educators and educational modules for young people, will be available to the general public, free of charge.

This project will be developed over 2 years, in a partnership between six European entities, namely: Cáritas Coimbra (Portugal), Academia Postal 3 Vigo S.L. (Spain), MPIRMPAKOS D. & SIA O.E. (Greece), Inovaciju tinklas (Lithuania), TUCEP – Tiber Umbria Comett Education Programme (Italy) and Ústav pro zdravotní gramotnost, z.ú. (Czech Republic), coordinator of the project. Funding is provided by the Erasmus+ Programme, Strategic Partnerships (Key Activity 2), with the Agreement Number – 2021-1-CZ01-KA220-SCH-000024190.

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