Cáritas Coimbra gathered opinions from stakeholders for Pharaon project

Cáritas Coimbra, partner of the international project Pharaon, hosted the third co-creation group session to gather requirements to build two digital platforms. This meeting was aimed at stakeholders and had 9 participants from relevant fields for a healthy and active ageing.

There had been three group sessions, in which formal carers, colaborators and users of the Residential Structures were surveyd.

Now more opinions have been collected from stakeholders about the same b-learning platform called “Carers Campus”, managed by formal and informal carers, and about “Social Incubator” which consists in a digital platform that targets the publication of services, products and events.

As potential invested parts of the material outcome of this project, the meeting starred professionals from the Medicine School of The University of Coimbra; an eldery care giving organization; a Governamental Organization; PhD Sports students who specialized in active and healthy ageing; the University of Letters – Geography and Turism and one County.

Pharaon’s goal is to test services and digital applications, that might be distributed and used by the elderly, with the aim to improve their autonomy, safety and abilities. A way to reach this goal is to reinforce the social support services (as is the case for formal and informals carers) to the group of the more fragile adults and elderly. Pharaon’s consortium project is held  by 42 european entities and is funded as an investigation program and inovation Horizon 2020 of the European Union.

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