Cáritas Coimbra launches international project dedicated to adult education

From October 28th to 31st, Cáritas Coimbra was in Kauniainen, Finland, to attend the launch meeting of IGCAL, a project aimed to improve guidance and counselling in adult education.

The European Commission’s Erasmus + program fund IGCAL, a project in the field of adult education. The project coordinator is Työväen Akatemia (Finland) and the partners are Cáritas Coimbra (Portugal), AFEdemy (Netherlands) and University for Adult Education Celje (Slovenia).

In this first consortium meeting, that settled the officially launch of the project, Cáritas Coimbra was represented by Flávia Rodrigues, Natália Machado and Ana Goreti Oliveira from the Innovation Department.

In order to increase the quality of adult education, IGCAL proposes to develop a pedagogical tool to map the basic learning parameters of adult learners and support the creation and access to professional qualification pathways. This tool will broaden and develop the skills of educators and other staff supporting these trainees. It is therefore intended to provide a basis for educators to be able to encourage adults and people of other age groups, in low-skilled situations, to progress and increase their education and skills.


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