Nutrir À Grande

The Nutrir À Grande project, funded by the Fundação Jumbo para a Juventude – 2018 edition, is a food education project, sponsored by the Jumbo Coimbra Store, aimed at children and adolescents between 6 and 14 years old, with economic and social needs and/or social beneficiaries of the social responses of Cáritas Coimbra.

The project foresees the accomplishment of several activities that will be implemented dynamically, in educational environment or abroad, with visits to the Jumbo Coimbra Store, in order to raise the awareness of this target public about the importance of healthy eating, by sharing knowledge on food labeling, sugar, salt and fat content, food waste, cooking skills and food shopping. The pedagogical approach of this project is differentiated by the bet on the development and conception of a collection of activities / playful-pedagogical structures “in big point”, customized to the needs of the target population. Such structures will not only captivate the attention of children and young people by exploring children’s imagery of ‘giant’ objects, but also make them easier to use in larger groups.

The project also includes the holding of food education sessions for parents / relatives / other caregivers of reference, in a perspective of dual intervention, promoting intergenerationality.

Implementation period: 04-2019 to 04-2020 (12 months)
Financing: 11,863.00 euros
Funding entity: Jumbo Youth Foundation


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