The (Des)Igual project is a project co-financed by the Portugal2020 PO ISE-36-2015-21 Program (2016-2019), which has as its main objective the promotion of Gender Equality and Prevention of Domestic Violence. Through a transversal and circular approach and based on an integrating perspective of gender equality, (Des)Igual intends to promote the breaking of cycles of violence and promote the healthy and safe development of the relationships of the next generations.

This project arises, as it did for many other sectors, from direct contact with communities. Particular attention was paid to the adolescent and youth age groups, making it imperative for Caritas Coimbra to pay particular attention to education and prevention. In response, the COM… SENTIDO (S) – Prevention and Education team emerges. This team has as main objective the integral development of the person, facilitating the acquisition of skills and competences in an informal context, enhancing the understanding of the dimensions: body, emotion, intellect and spirit in the experience. Its intervention is based on developed actions that enhance the increase in biopsychosocial knowledge, for an education of sexualities in children / adolescents / young people and adults, as well as actions that promote the accountability of attitudes and behaviours, thus preventing the consumption of addictive substances. In parallel, initiatives are implemented to support the development of the educational capacities of parents and educators. This project is the result of the long work that the institution has been developing in the areas of education and prevention with educational communities and civil society.

The (Des)Igual project is developed through workshops/awareness sessions for the most diverse audiences: children, youth, parents and educators, the older adults and socially vulnerable groups of people. In order to break intergenerational cycles and entrenched cultural traditions, this intervention is being combined with other important social actors, such as victims, technicians and institutions that intervene in the area, favouring participatory methodologies over expository ones, to deepen knowledge and spread large-scale social practices. In response to the pressing needs to transform inequalities that generate violence, especially within families, they must be tackled by observing the different target groups, such as women, children and young people, and the elderly. It is based on 4 aspects: (1) education of children and young people and potentially vulnerable publics; (2) training and empowerment of women victims of violence; (3) wide dissemination of gender equality, through a program of cultural events and an e-learning platform; and, finally, (4) technical training of the intervention actors. The main objectives are:

  • Educate and sensitize children, young people and community groups with a view to promoting personal skills that facilitate positive development and family and educational contexts that provide Gender Equality and inhibit Gender Violence;
  • Inform and raise awareness of potentially vulnerable audiences – the elderly, homeless people, people with addiction problems, beneficiaries of social action/RSI – integrating gender and violence issues in the specific contexts of each group;
  • Enhance the training and empowerment of women who are victims of violence and/or at social risk (and children, if applicable) in a residential context, integrating parenting skills, in order to prevent victimization and work on cycles of intergenerational violence;
  • Promote the replication of actions and resources and the sharing of good practices through the training of technicians and the creation of a project website that integrates an e-learning platform;
  • Maximize the use of the institutional partner’s network.


Caritas Coimbra is the promoter of the project and therefore has to carry out all activities included in the 4 strands previously mentioned and duly identified in the application.



Project Name:(Des)Igual

Project Acronym: Desigual

Start date: 2016

End date: 2019

Total Budget: 73.172 €

Project Coordinator: Caritas Coimbra


Partnerships not eligible for funding have been established (6) to expand the area of project implementation:

  • Agrupamento de Escolas Coimbra Centro
  • Associação Portuguesa para o direito dos menores e da família
  • Agrupamento de Escolas da Lousã
  • Secretariado Diocesana de Educação Moral e Religiosa Católica de Coimbra
  • Junta Regional de Coimbra do Corpo Nacional de Escutas
  • Município de Ferreira do Zêzere

Further information can be found under:

Website: https://www.projetodesigual.pt/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Projeto-DesIgual-280691455694081/



The (Des) Igual project is a project co-financed by the Portugal2020 PO ISE-36-2015-21 Program (2016-2019), which has as its main objective the promotion of Gender Equality and Prevention of Domestic Violence. It was approved under the Social Inclusion and Employment Operational Program, specifically in Operation Typology 3.16 “Financial and technical support to non-profit civil society organizations that work in the promotion of gender equality and the prevention and fight against domestic violence and gender equality and human trafficking”.

Co-funded by:


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