General Assembly and 2nd Consortium Meeting of the IDEAHL project

One day after the distinctive policy-making event at European Parliament, which took place on March 7, IDEAHL project partners got together for the General Assembly and Consortium Meeting in Brussels, Belgium. Cáritas Coimbra was present as a member of the consortium.

One of the goals of the IDEAHL project is to improve health outcomes by empowering citizens to better manage their health and improving interaction with healthcare workers through initiatives and digital tools. This in-person meeting was an important moment to take stock of the progress made in the latest months and reflect on what will be the most important areas of action for the development of the comprehensive European (Digital) Health Literacy Strategy.

Each work package leader gave an update on the tasks conducted so far. Cáritas Coimbra has been involved in research mapping and literature review; initiatives to foster knowledge and best-practices exchange, and ways to ensure social inclusion and gender equality. Soon, the institution will start co-creation activities!


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