Cáritas Coimbra Kindergarten distinguished with the Child-Friendly School seal

The “Toca a Mexer” (let’s get moving) project of the kindergarten of the Nossa Senhora da Anunciação Centre, Caritas Coimbra, was distinguished with the Friendly School seal. This recognition arises from the 5th edition of the Friendly School, which had the participation of thousands of schools from all over the Portuguese territory.

The Nossa Senhora da Anunciação Centre developed Toca a Mexer with the purpose of promoting movement and relaxation of its children, consequently making them feel happier at school.

All schools distinguished in the 5th edition of the Friendly School receive the diploma and the Friendly School seal. This award is promoted by the Child-Friendly School, a joint initiative of CONFAP (National Confederation of Parents’ Associations), LeYa and the psychologist Eduardo Sá, which aims to distinguish schools that develop and implement extraordinary ideas, besides contributing to the sharing of these good practices.


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