New European project, with the support of Cáritas Coimbra, aims to create sustainable food aid programmes

On June 8th, the SUST-AID kick-off meeting was held in Warsaw, Poland. This project aims to fill current gaps and needs in knowledge, training and skills by developing and evaluating a training programme for the delivery of sustainable food aid programmes. SUST-AID is funded by the European Union’s Erasmus+ Programme and is partnered by 6 European entities from Portugal (1), Greece (1), Austria (1), Cyprus (1) and Poland (2).

Cáritas Coimbra is one of the entities involved in the development of SUST-AID and, therefore, was present at the meeting that marked the project kick-off. Representing the institution was Elisabete Pitarma, project manager of the Innovation Department.

This meeting had the purpose of presenting the objectives and the global work plan, with special focus on the first year of implementation. The structure and responsibilities of the partners during the 3 years of the project development were also discussed.

Besides other tasks, Cáritas Coimbra is responsible for the evaluation of the project. For now, and over the next few months, the institution starts with a close collaboration with the entity that is responsible for the co-creation process.

The SUST-AID project aims to create a training programme adjusted to real needs, capable of efficiently promoting sustainable food aid programmes.

Following on from this, the entities hosting these actions (including NGOs, welfare organisations and faith-based organisations) aspire to be empowered with practical knowledge and tools to provide optimal and sustainable food aid programmes to vulnerable populations across Europe.

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