SHAFE coordinated by Caritas Coimbra and AFEdemy participated as a speaker in an EIP on AHA Thematic Workshop

Carina Dantas representing the SHAFE Network (coordinated by Caritas Coimbra and AFEdemy) participated as a speaker in one of the Thematic Workshops of EIP on AHA – European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing – on November 19th.

The workshop “The Reference Sites stimulating the development and implementation of Action Group commitments to achieve sustainable digital health and care transformation at scale regionally, nationally and internationally” was organized by the Campania Reference Site and brought together regions from different EU member countries such as Italy, Portugal, and Spain, to present successful regional and national models, which represent the quadruple helix framework.

Carina Dantas shared experiences coordinating the SHAFE Network – Smart, Healthy Age-Friendly Environments- in partnership with Willeke van Staalduinen (AFEdemy), while sharing the round table: “Facilitating factors: Network experiences” with Javier Ganzarain (SAFE), Lisa Leonardini ( ProMIS) and Nicola Filizzola (AAL). Marc Lange (EHTEL) moderated the discussion. The SHAFE Stakeholder Network promotes the coordination of policies and the implementation of solutions that combine health, social support, information technologies (ICT) and the built environment. The Portuguese Coordinator of SHAFE highlighted the need to go further concerning the involvement of the different end-users and stakeholders involved: citizens should take over the digital transformation of health and social and thisis one of the key-factors to elevate good practice in the context of the SHAFE Network.


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