Cáritas Coimbra participates in EIT Health Think Tank session in Portugal

Cáritas Coimbra, represented by Carina Dantas, Innovation Department Director, attended the EIT Health Think Tank 2019, on September 19th, in Sintra at Glintt – Global Intelligent Technologies.

In the last years, there has been a fast evolution in the field of medical and healthcare technology products, bringing a new approach to health and wellness practices. Therefore, EIT Health dedicates the Think Tank 2019 to “Optimising Innovation Pathways: Future Proofing for Success”, seeking to provide recommendations that will remove barriers and accelerate the process of delivering innovation to citizens in various European regions.

The EIT Health challenge will be discussed over several sessions across Europe, bringing together the perspectives of different countries. Consecutively, the conclusions of these discussions will be described in a final report, which will contain recommendations for Optimizing Pathways for Innovation in the European Union, resulting in a European Commission White Paper.

Portugal hosted the second Round Table, where it was possible to know the current state of the path of health innovation in the country, discuss the changes needed for an optimized or ideal path for the future and, in the end, propose pragmatic recommendations.

The EIT Health Think Tank is a forum dedicated to the future of health innovation in Europe, with the participation of various experts and opinion leaders in the field.

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