Cáritas Coimbra invited to AAL Austria Conference

On October 11th, Cáritas Coimbra will attend the AAL Austria Program Conference “Active and Assisted Living (AAL) and its practical applications” at the invitation of the AAL National Contact Point for Austria. This conference takes place at the 1st Annual Congress of the Network for Gerontology, which will take place from October 10th to 12th, in Austria.

Carina Dantas, Director of the Innovation Department, will be representing Cáritas Coimbra, participating as a speaker in Session 5 and sharing her knowledge on how to implement AAL solutions (for assisted living environments) and how to bring digital innovations to end users, giving as a practical example the DAPAS project. DAPAS aims to bring together the successful results of previous AAL projects developed from different companies in different countries, combining them into a unique and innovative product that can more easily reach older people, improving their quality of life. This project is co-financed by the European AAL Program and in Portugal, by the Foundation for Science and Technology.

Cáritas Coimbra has a significant path towards AAL solutions, continuously searching for greater alignment of National, Regional and European strategies in terms of public health care and social services policies, in connexion with private initiatives, to create alternatives that can integrated into older people’s routines.

Through DAPAS and other projects developed in this area, Cáritas Coimbra has acquired knowledge that hopes to share in the congress, contributing to a positive experience for all the attendants.


To learn more about Session 5 and other sessions of the 1st Annual Congress of the Network for Gerontology see the website:

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